Beginning Photography Tips – A Few Basic Tips For Taking Digital Photography

My first tip for taking digital photography for anyone whether they are beginning, or have some degree of experience is “don’t be frightened of your camera”. Get used to handling your camera so that you feel comfortable with it. Make sure you know where all the controls are, and familiarise yourself with their functions. This is one of the basic beginning photography tips that often gets overlooked as it is such an obvious one.

Once you are comfortable handling your digital camera and have learned how to use all the controls and functions, my next tip for taking digital photography is to take lots and lots of pictures. The beauty of digital photography is that you do not need to keep every picture that you take. You are not paying for a long processing sequence like you would be if you were using a camera that uses rolls of film, so you can be a lot more extravagant when it comes to taking pictures. Plus you may just take a prize winning photo purely by chance, and any photos you don’t want you can simply delete.

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Black and White Photography Origins

Black and white photography is a number of monochrome forms in visual art. Monochrome comes from the Greek monochromos meaning “of one color”, which is a combination of monos, meaning “alone” or “solitary” and chroma meaning “color”. Quite basic when you break it down!
For Many decades black and white photography dominated the scene until color was introduced. From the 16th century when the brightness and clarity of camera obscures was improved by enlarging the hole with a telescope lens until now, we still admire the purity of black and white photography. It was not until the 17thCentury, 1727 to be exact, when Professor J. Schulze mixed chalk, nitric acid, and silver in a flask, that the first photosensitive compound was created. And in 1816 Nicéphore Niépce combines the camera obscure with photosensitive paper and created a permanent image in 1826.

In the past black and white dominated the media. Movies, television and even computers, were all monochrome. It was not until the middle of the 20th century that color photography became popular.

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Short Story about Black And White Photography


Have you ever seen someone else’s hobby and really liked the look of it? Have you then tried the hobby but found it a bit intimidating or overwhelming? I have seen many different things like this, where people makes the most beautiful arts or crafts. The design look amazing and it sounds fun to do, but in the end I am too scared to try because I do not think I am artistic. I have taking some cookery classes, but this was to enhance my existing skills. It took my friend to push me into learning something new, to get me to realize everything I had been missing out on.

My friend and I were looking to fill up our summer with something fun. We went to the local library and looked through the community activity sheets that were being offered. There was everything under the sun; juggling classes, a Frisbee club. Then I saw one that really caught my eye: black and white photography. I have always loved photographs. I did a small amount of work experience with a photographer and absolutely loved his color photos. But there was just something about the simplistic nature of black and white photographs. I am not very skilled at taking photographs; in fact I am not skilled at all, so I approached with caution.

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