Expert Advice For Sport Photography

If you are trying to capture professional athlete action on camera, you don’t want to end up being frustrated when the pictures don’t turn out so well. If you are confused and wonder why your sports photography is not so hot, don’t get worried.
As beginners, most professional sport photographers make common mistakes while shooting triathlon, basketball, body building, National Basketball League or any other form of commercial athlete photography.

Commercial advertising sport photography is not easy for anyone. Even sports photography experts find it difficult to shoot the action live and get it right. To get better pictures, you can take help from several tips.

1. The first thing to be considered while shooting pictures of professional athletes is that not all your pictures will come out perfect. Sometimes, you make take 400 shots and only 40 may turn out to be excellent. Don’t despair if that happens while you are learning sports photography or commercial advertising athlete photography. Use a digital camera while capturing photos of a basketball game or triathlon event. This way, you won’t be wasting expensive film while learning commercial athlete photography or shooting professional athlete action.

2. Always remember that fast paced sports are best photographed with a lot of light. You may face problems getting good pictures of an indoor basketball game or bodybuilding competition. In that case, make sure that your camera has a string flash. Usually, point and shot digital cameras don’t have string flash, making it tough to get clear professional sport pictures.

3. Try to get closer to the subject of your photograph. If you’re at a basketball game or watching a triathlon, see if you can stand at the edge of the court or maybe right behind the basket. Don’t forget to set your camera on sports mode and ensure that your flash is turned on. These are the best settings for the available lighting conditions.

4. For outdoor commercial athlete photography, you don’t have to worry about light. More the sunlight available while taking pictures, better will be the possibility of stopping the action in your pictures. Just put your camera into sports mode and wait for the game to get more exciting so that you can capture the best moments. At times, professional athlete action may seem too far away from you. Wait for some time as the play comes closer and you get the right shots.

5. Focus on the distance of your subject from your position while learning commercial advertising athlete sport photography. If you are shooting in bright sunlight, you can still use the camera’s flash for short distances. If a bodybuilding contest or National Basketball League game is taking place a few feet away from you, you can easily take good photographs of the action.

6. Catching the action in sports photography requires you to control the shutter speeds of your camera. Usually, a shutter speed of at least 1/500 or more is good enough for shooting professional athlete pictures.
By following these guidelines, you can get some great action shots and enjoy commercial advertising sport photography too.

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