Short Story about Black And White Photography

Have you ever seen someone else’s hobby and really liked the look of it? Have you then tried the hobby but found it a bit intimidating or overwhelming? I have seen many different things like this, where people makes the most beautiful arts or crafts. The design look amazing and it sounds fun to do, but in the end I am too scared to try because I do not think I am artistic. I have taking some cookery classes, but this was to enhance my existing skills. It took my friend to push me into learning something new, to get me to realize everything I had been missing out on.

My friend and I were looking to fill up our summer with something fun. We went to the local library and looked through the community activity sheets that were being offered. There was everything under the sun; juggling classes, a Frisbee club. Then I saw one that really caught my eye: black and white photography. I have always loved photographs. I did a small amount of work experience with a photographer and absolutely loved his color photos. But there was just something about the simplistic nature of black and white photographs. I am not very skilled at taking photographs; in fact I am not skilled at all, so I approached with caution.

The class description said it would focus on shutter speed, film and focus. Photos would be taken indoors and outdoors. You could use your own camera or hire one from the photography class leader, how was a photographer for a living and therefore had about ten cameras.

I live in a small house next to a large lake. So many times I have been sitting at he end of my garden looking across the lake and have seen something that I think would make a great photo. I never felt I had the skills to take it. At the start of the class we had to write down one thing we wanted to have a good picture off by the end of this class. I wrote this down. The class was just so good and the people on it were really cool. They helped me to take my first picture and taught me about shadow and shutter speed, but also timing. The leader told me I have an eye for a good picture which I knew all along. I eventually did get my photo of the lake. There was a bird catching a fish for food in the water, and the contrast of the white bird on the dark background look amazing.

What I like most about black and white photography is that it is a whole story captured in an instant in raw simplicity. What could be cooler than that? Sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith, I know it has paid off for me.

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