Wedding Photography Blueprint by Nick Stubbs


The Wedding Photography Blueprint by Nick Stubbs provides a valuable resource for all wedding photographers, whether you are a professional or an amateur starting out.  It is one of the most in-depth and informative wedding photography online DVD courses available.  Comprising of footage taken from a full, 2-day wedding photography course as well as an actual wedding,  it gives you a full and comprehensive understanding of what to expect and what to do when shooting weddings.

The screen recordings for the Wedding Photography Blueprint are intertwined at various and well timed intervals throughout the course to highlight problematic images being worked on in Photoshop in order to salvage excellent looking wedding photos from somewhat mediocre RAW files. These are placed alongside many other traditional Photoshop tutorials which includes the use of recommended software and add-ons to make your images stand out from the crowd.  This is one of the most important sections in the Wedding Photography Blueprint, as digital imaging plays an essential role in digital wedding photography.  A wedding is one of the most important event in a couple’s lifetime, and there is absolutely no excuses for missing out on important images which failed to turn out as good due to lighting or technical glitches.

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